Alan Lansdowne, Editor
Cheap Flights Mobile (attitude Travel Mobile)

Alan Lansdowne is the Editor of Cheap Flights Mobile (attitude Travel Mobile).

Alan is an experienced independent budget traveller in Europe and Asia and in the last 20 years has flown on over 40 airlines.

The first European low cost airline Alan flew on was the Brussels-based Virgin Express in February 2000, followed by Ryanair in February & September 2001 and then the former British Airways low cost subsidiary, Go, in December 2001.

Since then, Alan has flown on many budget airlines in Europe, including

... and on several in Asia, including

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Alan likes nothing better than to jump on a plane - but, actually, the opposite is true. Long distance cycling and hiking, and cross-border travel by ferry and on the railways all hold more appeal to the Editor of attitude Travel than the combined trial of queuing for airport security in a remote airport hangar, followed by the cattle-class experience of flying low cost.

But, all too often, budget airline fares simply present too good an opportunity to pass up.

In Summer 2011, Alan planned a short trip to Northern Ireland. Despite - up until that moment - maintaining unbroken success in his resolution to never fly within the United Kingdom, he knew that Belfast was never going to be particularly straightforward to get to from Yorkshire...

... and that the low cost Jet 2 flight from Leeds Bradford Airport to Belfast International Airport was both the quickest and most affordable way to cross the Irish Sea.

So much for resolutions.

That single slip notwithstanding, he still often travels to London, Kent, Bristol & Scotland very much at ground-level from his beautiful adopted home of West Yorkshire...

... and remains enthusiastically resolved never to fly anywhere within Great Britain.